Villa A : Specification

. Foundation and Basement - Dry packed rubble masonary in foundation and basement in cement mortar
. Superstructure - with wirecut bricks in cement mortar
. Lintel - 15cm thick all round
. RCC work - 1:2:4 mix - lintel,sunshade,roofslab,hearth slab,beam
. Plastering - Ceiling 1: 4 mix and wall 1:6 mix
. Flooring
[a] Superior quality vitrified tiles 2’x2’
[b] Bathroom with good quality ceramic tiles for floor and walls

. Wood work
[a] Front door and frame ingood quality teakwood
[b] All other doors,windows and venilaters in good quality hardwood PVC door for bathrom.

. Painting and colour washing
[a] One coat white cement wash and two coat cem wash in all plastered area
[b] Front door lacquer finish
[c] Enamel Painting on remaining wood work

. Electrical work - Good quality ISI materials [ V-Guard or Havells Cable]
. Plumbing - Heavy grade PVC Pipes and 1000lit PVC tank
. Sanitary - Parryware materials
. Kitchen slab -
[a] Polished granite slab above work top slab
[b] Stainless Steel Kitchen sink

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan

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