People Behind

They are a team of well settled NRIs and residents who cherish to contribute towards the economic development of the “God’s Own Country” in a humble way possible and to set an example to the whole state of Kerala to see how economic wellbeing can be brought to the villages through collective efforts.

They want to depict, how the economic welfare can be brought in with the welfare of everybody involved and without adversely affecting anybody as per the principles of Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. The humble efforts of the promoters of the project are getting accomplished well with the full support of the local authorities and the people of the locality and the devoted employees.

They have a dream of providing the following, to the team of residents in the gated community who have exposure to different parts of the world.

. Quality life
. Standard education
. Health care facilities
. Good sanitation facilities
. Novel waste disposal
. Rain water harvesting
. Organic garden facilities
. Twenty four hour security
. Sports and recreational facilities with a club house
. Construction of the dream homes
. Peaceful coexistence irrespective of caste and creed
. Executive retirement homes