Punarjani Gardens - An Abode of New Life.

Welcome to the world of breathtaking simplicity in the lap of Mother Nature..

This quiet village is just the idyllic destination for you - ‘far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife’ Punarjani Gardens blend the rustic and refreshing allure of virgin nature with thoughtfully handpicked luxuries of a charmed city. Punarjani Gardens lets you enjoy life in all its radiant splendour. All our properties are set against the backdrop of a vibrant living environment where fun, comfort, security and serenity blend in perfect unison yet are affordable and surprisingly inexpensive. Staying here make you feel happy and blessed not only during special festive occasions but every day, throughout your life.Choose your dream home at Punarjani Gardens and spread happiness and good cheer in your lives.

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Don't be wonderstruck if you meet the lovable peacocks walking with lofty steps spreading their colourful wings..
There is a natural lake which is properly maintained inside the campus. This picturque location make you calm.
To the east of Tiruvilwamala temple is a cave, known as the Punarjani. This cave will be open to the public..